Surrogate Mother Pros And Cons: Challenges & Considerations

Considering surrogacy as an option for building a family involves weighing its pros and cons carefully. Surrogate motherhood offers hopeful parents a pathway to parenthood when other methods may not be feasible. 

However, it also comes with its set of challenges and considerations. Exploring both the advantages and disadvantages can provide insight into whether surrogacy is the right choice for you. 

Pros Of Surrogacy

Here are the pros of being surrogacy:

You Will Most Likely Have A Baby Via A Surrogate!

Surrogacy offers a promising solution for individuals or couples struggling with infertility. With advances in reproductive technology, the likelihood of a successful pregnancy through a surrogate mother has significantly increased.

Surrogacy Eliminates Intended Mother’s Risk Of Carrying A Pregnancy

For women who cannot carry a pregnancy safely due to medical conditions or other reasons, surrogacy eliminates the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring the safety and well-being of both the intended mother and the baby.

Surrogacy Allows The Intended Mother To Continue With Normal Work And Life Routine

Unlike traditional pregnancy, where the expectant mother may need to adjust her lifestyle and work commitments, surrogacy allows the intended mother to maintain her usual routine without interruptions, reducing stress and discomfort.

Surrogate Baby Can Be Your Biological Child

Through surrogacy, the intended parents can use their own genetic material to create an embryo, ensuring that the baby is biologically related to them despite being carried by a surrogate.

Surrogacy Is Supported In Most Of The States

Many states have laws and regulations in place to support surrogacy arrangements, providing a legal framework to protect the rights of all parties involved and facilitate a smooth process from conception to birth.

Surrogacy Is A Route For Male Gay Couples Or Single Men To Become Fathers

Surrogacy offers an opportunity for male same-sex couples or single men to fulfill their dreams of parenthood by using a surrogate mother to carry their biological child, overcoming biological barriers.

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Cons Of Surrogacy

Here are the cons of being surrogacy:

You Will Not Get The First-Hand Experience Of Pregnancy Or Childbirth

For intended mothers, surrogacy means missing out on the physical and emotional experience of carrying a child and giving birth, which some may find disappointing or challenging to cope with.

Surrogacy Is Expensive

Surrogacy can incur significant expenses, including agency fees, medical procedures, legal fees, and compensation for the surrogate mother. The financial burden may pose a significant obstacle for many hopeful parents.

National Shortage Of Surrogate Mothers

Finding a suitable surrogate mother is challenging due to a national shortage, leading to long waiting times and limited options for intended parents. This shortage can prolong the already complex process of surrogacy.


In conclusion, surrogacy presents both opportunities and challenges for individuals or couples seeking to expand their families.

While it offers a lifeline for those struggling with infertility and provides a viable path to parenthood, it also comes with financial, emotional, and logistical considerations.

By carefully weighing the pros and cons and seeking professional guidance, hopeful parents can make informed decisions about whether surrogacy is the right choice for them. 

In the end, the choice to pursue surrogacy is highly individual and should be guided by one’s own circumstances, beliefs, and goals.


How successful is surrogacy?

Surrogacy success rates vary depending on factors such as the age and health of the surrogate and the quality of the embryos transferred. On average, the success rate for surrogacy ranges from 60% to 80% per embryo transfer, with multiple attempts often required to achieve a successful pregnancy.

How do surrogate mothers feel?

Surrogate mothers may experience a range of emotions, including fulfillment from helping others achieve parenthood, pride in their contribution to creating a family, and sometimes sadness or grief upon relinquishing the baby. Communication, support, and clear expectations throughout the process are crucial for managing these emotions effectively.

Do surrogates get paid if they miscarry?

Whether surrogates receive compensation if they miscarry depends on the terms outlined in their surrogacy contract. In some cases, they may receive partial compensation for their time and effort, while in others, compensation may be contingent upon certain milestones or outcomes, such as reaching a certain stage of pregnancy.

Is surrogate risky?

Surrogacy carries certain risks, including potential medical complications for the surrogate mother and the baby, as well as legal and emotional challenges for all parties involved. However, with proper medical screening, legal agreements, and support systems in place, many of these risks can be minimized, making surrogacy a viable option for some families.

Is surrogacy good for child?

Surrogacy can be beneficial for a child as it provides them with loving and supportive parents who may not be able to conceive or carry a pregnancy themselves. However, the well-being of the child also depends on the stability and nurturing environment provided by the intended parents after birth.

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