Awais Khan

Awais Khan is a renowned expert in the field of parenting, with a career spanning over a decade in child development and family dynamics. At, Awais dedicates his expertise to empowering parents with actionable and empathetic guidance, helping them navigate the complex journey of raising children.

His approach to parenting is both practical and heartfelt, focusing on understanding the unique needs of each family and child. With a background in child psychology and a wealth of experience in family counseling, Awais is adept at providing solutions to various parenting challenges.

Prior to joining, Awais worked in numerous child development roles, offering workshops and personal consultations to parents. His insights have been shaped by his hands-on experience with families from diverse backgrounds, allowing him to offer advice that is both inclusive and adaptable to different parenting styles.

Awais is a frequent contributor to parenting magazines and blogs, where he shares his knowledge on topics ranging from early childhood development to effective communication with teenagers. He is also a sought-after speaker at parenting seminars and workshops, known for his engaging and informative presentations.


  • MSc in Child Psychology
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • Certification in Family Therapy

Philosophy: Awais believes that effective parenting is grounded in understanding, patience, and open communication. He advocates for a nurturing approach that recognizes the individuality of each child and supports their emotional and intellectual growth.

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